Friday, December 14, 2012

There lives will never be the same...

My heart goes out to the families that are waiting in that parking lot, waiting to see if their child is one of the 18 in that class to be carried out in a plastic bag. That guy shot the teacher in the foot, but just HAD to kill those 18 innocent children. Imagine being in 7th grade or whatever grade, and having to pass that class room that your sibling might have been in, and smell blood and death. It makes me sick. When my mom told me about that, I was sitting in my kitchen. We live RIGHT across the street from a tri school ( Meaning they have all grades from preschool to 12th grade. ), and I saw that American flag in front of that school, waving like it has been ever since it's creation. It is supposed to mean freedom, pride, and strength. But now, look at this country. Children can't even receive an education without a fear of ending up like these 18 four year olds, being carried out in a bag. I cried. I cried for the parents, running towards that school to find out if their toddler is dead or fatally injured. I cried for those older siblings, who had to pass that room, and see their sibling laying on the ground, bleeding to death. I cried for the families, who have to go home tonight and see those presents underneath the Christmas tree, labeled to the kid that they will never see again. I cried, because their lives will never be the same.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Karate chopping ugh.

I have to go to Brazillian Jiu Jitsu class today... Ugh. I don't really like it, but it gets me out of school for the day. AND before we go, we are going to drive by my possible future boarding stable! Eek! *Claps like a retarded seal and does freaky happy dance* I wonder what it will be like. I have seen pictures of it, but I only saw a picture of one of the barns. It isn't anything fancy, like a TB training farm. Just a happy, nice, back yard enviroment. The barn was built like 20-30 years ago, so you can probably see where I am going here. My current trainer has the cleanest barn in all of horse barn history. If I see a little poo flake in a stall, I have to pick it up. If there is a single cobweb, I instantly dust it off, if there is a spec of dust, then I am trained to grab the duster. I dust her arena. I FRIGGIN DUST HER ARENA! So as you can see, it is a shame that I am doing pasture board. I think I would be very helpful around the barn... :) Well, I am off to start school. Bye!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Strummin away!

Sorry it has been SO long since I posted! I have been super busy lately with riding, jiu-jitsu classes, writing my book, and most importantly, doing school, that computer has kind of zoned out. ( Not really. lol. ) Well, I have some news! While I was away, I learned to play guitar! My entire life I have always wanted to sing and play guitar, and now I have the chance to! I am teaching myself, with the help of this website.

I LOVE this guy! He is awesome! His videos are super simple, easy to understand, and thorough enough to do several a day! He teaches beginner to advanced, and it is totally free! That's right. I said free stuff. :) Please feel free to check him out if you are looking to play guitar anytime soon. My mom got a classical guitar for her anniversary last week, so I started playing it to. I am also starting to get back into piano, but no lessons thankfully. I am going to join a writers helping writers class at my local library. We all read over each others writing work and tell the person who wrote it if we would like to see any improvements, and share our thoughts on their story or whatever they are writing.

Peace out!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Socks on the hands!

Yup. I've have socks on my hands as I type. There is a little tale behind it, actually. I get SUPER dry SUPER cracked hands in the winter time. ( Only the top of my hands and in between my fingers gets like that. ) In fact it is so bad, they bleed. The skin drifts apart, and I can see my flesh. It is super nasty. But there is a prevention to this problem. I put 10 pumps of moisturizer on my hands, rub them together, and then put socks on my hands! They have to stay on for at least 12 hours every day, so I put them on four hours before I go to bed, and then fall asleep with them on. I then repeat the next day. I can do everything I normally would without the socks. Its kind of like learning to cope without fingers! Sometimes I type with my knuckles, or even my toes. So yeah, is pretty awesome! (:

Peace out!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Howrse time!

Well, if there is anything to talk about for today, it would be my Howrse account. I am an elite Roleplayer. Meaning... Well, you'll just have to see for yourself. Check out my forum! I'm meghan10. I do prpg's, rpg's, custom rpg's, manage rpg's. host rpg's, everything rpg, I do it. No matter who it is, what hour it is, or where I am. I will do it. ( Unless I am on an ipad... Then I am kind of screwed in the picture department. ) My book is coming along nicely. Not as much progress as I would like, but hey, everyone's busy around the holidays. A week before Christmas, I am going to drop everything and enter the world of Christmas. ( Sound stupid enough? Well listen to this. ) When I enter the world of Christmas, I would be Santa's elf of the month. I go crazy. Putting red velvet ribbons on every thing that I touch, singing Christmas carols, and being a perfect angel. I honestly don't know why this happens to me... I really can't control it. My family wakes up to Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes, etc. I have snowball fights with my siblings, all that jazz. Everything Christmas or winter, I am doing it within this week that every sentence I say has the word Christmas in it. I will keep you all updated as my poor family and friends have to deal with me through the most horrific week of every year I live. And they know it to. They know EXACTLY when ' it ' happens. They will prepare for it like the world is coming to an end. ( Which it actually might within that week... Literally. But I don't believe all that crap. )

Peace out! Gotta go to bed.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Expensive horse blues...

All right I have the bug. Not the horse bug. No, no. I got that years ago, and still have it. Now, I have the "OMG that horse is FREAKING awes-NOOO! LOOK AT THE PRICE!" * Jaw drops to floor ans gasps* "$5000?! You have GOT to be kidding me! Ugh!" So anyways, I found this pure Arabian mare for 5k, and I am in love with her. I want to go look at her, but I know that I will fall in love with her even more if I do. She was shown at the California Arabian show, and won first place in two areas. She is a pure chestnut, very well groomed, with an enormous white blaze and 3 white socks with the remaining leg having a white patch on the knee. She is stunning, and very gentle. 15h, 11 years old, perfect! I will let y'all know how it goes!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Georgia on my mind...

Coming to you live from Atlanta Georgia... Meghan's blog! I hate to leave Florida, but I will be glad to get home, as silly as it sounds. Disney world was very fun! The lines were not to long... The longest we waited was 30 minutes, and that was for space mountain. I have to say that Space mountain was my favorite ride, as was splash mountain and thunder mountain. ( Am I the only one seeing a pattern here??? ) I have 7 hours ahead of me to drive, but 10 hours down already! I also cannot wait to see my boy ( Red ) again! I miss him so much it is unbearable!

Gotta go!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My vacation!(So far)...

Well, let's just say that from TN to GA, it was gravy. Nice scenery, got to sleep some, and had pretty smooth roads. But then, of course, once we got to FL, we hit a 2x4 that some idiot had dropped in the road. At first I though we had hit the side rail and were going to crash into the ditch. Thank God that didn't happen... No major damage, just a HUGE dent in the front of our 2013 Ford Cmax that we bought a month ago. Bummer. The reason we were getting off the interstate in the first place, was because my mom wanted Starbucks. (She is an extreme coffee addict...) So then we went to Starbucks after the "Incident" to get her a coffee. Large with extra creamer to be exact. The guy hands us the coffee, and my mom told him it was to black. So my dad backed up in the drive through and asks the guy to put more cream in it. He takes the coffee back through the little window and we wait for a few minutes. He then opened the little window again and handed my dad the coffee. But it only came half way into the car. Literally. The lid popped off and the boiling hot coffee spilled all over my dads arm, hand and lap. Turns out my dad drove away in pure rage, and my mom decides to take a sip of the coffee. She spits it out and says it is still to black. To bad I say. To bad... So you see where coffee gets you?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

To... Much... Candy!

The thing is, I ate way to much Halloween candy. Yes. I did that. Kit-Kat's mainly. I have come to the point where Halloween is bad for me. I can't even pack for vacation because I am so sick! And I am leaving Monday morning, so this is really bad. Ugh! Stupid Halloween... But I had SO much fun. ( It was worth it. ) I am officially addicted to water as well. Candy and water. One really bad for you, the other the average american doesn't get enough of it. Anyways, I got my third pair of cowgirl boots today! But THESE are my first pair for a few years. Now they will be used for riding, and around the barn. I am also cutting back on computer time. Maybe turning 13 was one of the best things that happened to me! ( Yeah right. ) Anyone watch the CMA awards? I didn't. So to youtube I went, and watched most of the performances. Brad Paisley is THE BEST country singer! ( In my opinion ) I also have thing thing with small houses... Not like tumbleweed small, no no no! Like the one at the to of this post. I know this is a late post, but it was a draft and I wanted to get rid of it.

Bye bye!


Easy like Sunday mornin!

Oh yeah! Got to sleep until 8 this morning! But that means I have to pack for our vacation tomorrow. Leaving at 8 in the morning. I suggested we leave at 3am, but the stupid hotel doesn't let you check in at 4pm. * Rolls eyes at retarded hotel rules * Well, my horsey life is actually getting quite complicated. I am debating between boarding and keeping at home, or just not getting a horse at all. :( My parents do not understand how expensive horses are, and how much they tear up land.

Bye bye!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vacation time!

Time for a vacation! I have only been on 2 vacations in my life. One to California, and another to Tennessee. This time we are going to Tennessee and Florida! I have seen the ocean only once, and that is when I was 4 in California. So yeah I don't remember much... I will be sure to keep you all updated as I travel the east coast! We will be driving, so we can see all the scenery. Leaving Monday at 3am! Super excited. I get to see my boys ( RI horses ) today! They are not mine, but I treat them like they are... Hey, who doesn't? :) So anyways, I am going to leave you all with this short post of mine. If you want to follow me on tumblr, I am horsecrazygirlforever. My tumblr is updated and maybe a little better than this blog, because it is quicker to post on there, and I like to post long posts on here, and shortish posts on there. But I am OBSESSED with Blogger and tumblr! I mean, they are the way to escape from the real world for a little while, if you know what I mean. Well, I have to start school and take care of the dogs and goats. ( I am homeschooled so it only takes about 2-3 hours to do all of my school, so that means that I can start later. Hehe! )

Peace out my fellow bloggers!


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween! I went as a pink princess ( No that was NOT my choice. My grandmas creation. ) but hey, who cares? I got tons of candy is all that matters! And I had LOADS of fun, Trick or Treating with my BFF, so fun fun fun!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Post #1

Hello everyone! I just created this blog, and I hope you enjoy it! Title says it all. This is about my awkward, crazy, beautiful, horsey life! I am OBSESSED with horses! And I am SO close to getting one. I have been riding for about a year now. The situation is.... Let's just say she's my best friend. Yeah! That fits. :) So anyways, I am trying to raise money like crazy by managing a vegetable stand on the side of the road, and holding bake sales like crazy! I need $3000 ideally, but $2000 if I'm really lucky will have to do. My mom wants to share the horse with me, but I want my OWN horse. But she agreed to pay for the hay, and for the fence, so I don't know, yet. Well let's see... I have two Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are about 4 years old. One is a wether ( Castarated male ) named Chester. He is the sweetest thing ever, and I just started his trick training. See, that's the thing about me. I trick train goats. That's where the Crazy part comes in. Then there's Bella. She is a doe ( Female ) and is just on earth because she has to be. If it were her choice, she rather not be alive at all. She isn't hateful, just has an annoyed with life look in her eyes, if you know what I mean. But she is the most intelligent goat I have ever met in my life. She cost a pretty penny to. Just goes to show that you don't need a $300 goat, just settle for a $75 wether, and you'll be just fine. But I LOVE them both to pieces, and they are my babies. I love to read, and I am actually writing a book. I have written several movies, and a few plays. I think writing is a way to escape from the world, and into your ideal life. I take Jeu Jitsu classes, but still a white belt. I am very interested in art, and take art classes with my friends. We are all best buds, and I also go to VBS. So I am really busy ALL the time! Not to mention, I breed dogs. Lots and lots of dogs. But not a puppy mill, no no no. They sell for quite a lot, and live in the best conditions possible. I also have two gerbils, a guinea pig and two beta fish. I used to have a llama and several chickens, but the chickens were to much hassle and the llama tried to eat my goat. All of them and the llama went to a very loving caring home. The chickens went to my best friends house, and the llama is now a stub at an elite breeding farm. Things always work out if you think them through. Yes, you can quote me on that. :) I don't think there is anything else that you should know, except that I watch heartland, and think it is the BEST show EVER! If you haven't seen it, then you have no idea what you are missing!

Peace out till I can't resist the urge to post again!