Sunday, November 25, 2012

Socks on the hands!

Yup. I've have socks on my hands as I type. There is a little tale behind it, actually. I get SUPER dry SUPER cracked hands in the winter time. ( Only the top of my hands and in between my fingers gets like that. ) In fact it is so bad, they bleed. The skin drifts apart, and I can see my flesh. It is super nasty. But there is a prevention to this problem. I put 10 pumps of moisturizer on my hands, rub them together, and then put socks on my hands! They have to stay on for at least 12 hours every day, so I put them on four hours before I go to bed, and then fall asleep with them on. I then repeat the next day. I can do everything I normally would without the socks. Its kind of like learning to cope without fingers! Sometimes I type with my knuckles, or even my toes. So yeah, is pretty awesome! (:

Peace out!


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