Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My vacation!(So far)...

Well, let's just say that from TN to GA, it was gravy. Nice scenery, got to sleep some, and had pretty smooth roads. But then, of course, once we got to FL, we hit a 2x4 that some idiot had dropped in the road. At first I though we had hit the side rail and were going to crash into the ditch. Thank God that didn't happen... No major damage, just a HUGE dent in the front of our 2013 Ford Cmax that we bought a month ago. Bummer. The reason we were getting off the interstate in the first place, was because my mom wanted Starbucks. (She is an extreme coffee addict...) So then we went to Starbucks after the "Incident" to get her a coffee. Large with extra creamer to be exact. The guy hands us the coffee, and my mom told him it was to black. So my dad backed up in the drive through and asks the guy to put more cream in it. He takes the coffee back through the little window and we wait for a few minutes. He then opened the little window again and handed my dad the coffee. But it only came half way into the car. Literally. The lid popped off and the boiling hot coffee spilled all over my dads arm, hand and lap. Turns out my dad drove away in pure rage, and my mom decides to take a sip of the coffee. She spits it out and says it is still to black. To bad I say. To bad... So you see where coffee gets you?

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