My riding

As some of you may know, I myself am a rider. I have done pretty much everything, but I have stuck to eventing, and I think that I will do it the rest of my life. :) I am in love with it! I do not have my own horse, but I ride a friends horse. I could write books about how amazing this horse is, but I will just give you a short bio instead. :) 

This is Mr.Red, aka pony boy. He is a 15 hand Standard bred gelding. He was rescued from a slaughter auction, and was extremely underweight. But with a little tlc, he was nursed back to health. I started riding him in 2012, and he was the first horse I rode. He is so awesome! I love him to pieces, and he is my best friend. Not to mention he is insanely adorable, and does the funniest things! :) Here is a picture of us at our first show! 

And here are just some casual pictures. :) 

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