Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Long time update

Hey guys! I am so sorry that I like, abandoned this poor old blog. :( I honestly did not mean too. It's just that I set up my new blog, and that got a lot of page views so I was really excited about it. Nothing yet though... Hopefully soon.

It's about time I posted. I've been meaning too, but I am super busy. Anyways, I'll cut to the chase.

Riding is going great, I went to a show (didn't place individually), quit pony club, and got a bunny (and an iphone). Nothing much else, except that I am back into running.

I rode for an hour and a half today, so that was really nice. Ever since school started, I've only gotten to ride for 30-45 minutes. Still plenty long enough, yes, but I like long rides. Don't we all?

About the show... We placed first and second in the team area, but nothing in individual. So, yeah. It's a long story that I do not wish to tell. Maybe some day in a few years I will tell you, but my fingers are tired and we have a lot more to cover before this blog post is over. Kapeesh?

I quit pony club because I was super busy, and it wasn't right for me. That's that.

I got a new bunny! Her name is Paris, and she is now about 3 months old. She's super friendly, and loves attention. I put her outside all the time now, and carry her around the house. We're still working on litter box training, though, so she isn't allowed to run around in my room just yet. We're working hard on it though! :)

I got an iphone as an early birthday present from my parents! So now I can blog on the go, and take pictures. Isn't that exciting?!

And on too the running. I ran yesterday, and I think I ran the day before, but I'm not sure. If I did, I don't think I logged it. I'm to tired to go and look. :P Anyways, I just put in 15 minutes. I'm increasing it a minute every day. Vibram shoes, with the dog, outside, the usual routine. I have to say, it felt very good. :)