Friday, May 31, 2013


We all have a different perspective on what that word means. To some, it means dirty water, and waste of money. That's sad stuff right there, agreed? To others (I myself included), it means a little cup of heaven, aka the cup with the green straw. I mean honestly guys. This stuff is amazing. Whether you be one of the latte type, part of the cappuccino club, or the frappuccino fandom, we're all here for one reason. Coffee. The drink that brings so many people together, and is too addictive for it's own good.  My personal preference is the one, the only, frappuccino. It's been around for years, and stats show that it is one of the best sellers. So what do you like? Comment below! -Meghan 

Thursday, May 30, 2013


I have been seeing a lot of Camelot horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, etc. I mean, I can't go on tumblr or facebook without my dash being flooded with Camelot pics... It is so upsetting to know that these horses are at the end of the line. But I want to take a moment and thank all of the rescues and fantastic people who spend time and money on finding these horses homes. I hope that I can do my part someday and either purchase a horse from there, or at least haul some horses to their new homes. As equestrians, we have to have each others back in this way of life. And I'm looking to do my part by at least liking and sharing pics of these poor horses. Please do your part to! -Meghan


I was fortunate enough to attend Rolex with two of my favorite people in the world! Fabulous time. Every rider was fantastic, and I am so glad that I got to finally go. (this is my first time going) There are literally no words for this stunning event! I am in love with Kentucky, and Lexington was glorious as always. :) I so want to move down there when I am older and just have a quaint little boarding stable in the rolling hills of Bluegrass. *sigh* I'll get there someday. You can quote me on that. -Meghan


Tomorrow, I shall be attending one of the biggest yard sales in the country. It's 3 states long, and lasts 4-5 days, depending on the weather. This time 'round it's only lasting 4 days, one of the shorter terms. I really hate spending my money on anything (I'm a tightwad) but I guess just $10 tomorrow is okay... I probably won't even spend that, the only thing I buy at yard sales are things that I truly want/need. I will keep you all posted! :)

Jazzy's puppies are doing fantastic, and none have died yet. They are so cute! I'm not to big of a dog person, but I think these are cute. Not as cute as Mishka's pups from February-April, but these are pretty darn cute! :3 I'm looking to get $125 from this litter for my work! :D Yay! 


Simple joy

When I'm not riding, I am either practicing piano, on the computer, or running-my other sport. I love it. I don't know why, but I just love getting exercise! Call me crazy but when I feel the burn in my legs after running 4 miles straight, or from doing sit ups or lifting weights,  I feel pleasure in that. It is just so... I don't know how to explain it. I guess I'm just high energy! :P I did a short 1 mile run this morning just to kick start my day. I've been doing 4 miles, but I think that Saturday I will level up to 5 miles. Sunday is my rest day, and since I have bad knees, I never ever skip that one day of rest! Then the other 6 days it's back to working out. :) I am happy with my little 'plan' that I have going. By the end of this summer, I want to have a six pack. I know they take time, but I worked out all last year, and I really worked out this winter and spring doing weight lifting. Now I'm back into cardio, but I still do weight lifting every day. Not to mention I do at least 50 situps every day, so I might be able to make this work. Even if I don't have the six pack I want, then at least I'll look good! ;) And it should make me a better rider. I'm determined people! Now time to go yard saling, my other guilty pleasure. 


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Future dream life

NOTE: I have been waiting to post this for a while, so here it goes!

That poster on the wall is the cover of my all time favorite book! :O

The glass floor! That's a river underneath!

Cars. :3
2013 VW Tiguan

OR, I would want a VW jetta wagon. :)

Toyota tundra please!

A trailer with living quarters would be very pleasant. :)

And that about covers it. :) I will probably add different things from time to time. (You all know how I am.)


Puppy time!

Anybody here like puppies? Of course. Everyone does. Well, brace yourselves for some cuteness, because Ms. Jasmine is in labor! :D Nobody knows how many puppies are in there, but I will keep you all posted. -Meghan 

How did you find my blog?

Experimenting with another font. Yeah, I'm obsessed with fonts. :) Anyways, let's get down to business. (To defeat, the huns! Sorry, couldn't resist.) I really would like to know how you guys found my blog! There are a lot of you from interesting countries, and I just wanna know. How did you find me? It would be greatly appreciated if you could comment below. Thank you for being awesome!  -Meghan 

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hi everybody. I've been rpging a lot lately, and loving it! I've been roleplaying since I was 11, and it is just my escape from the world (besides horses of course!). I discovered it on, and I have just stuck to it like glue. I try to work on longer posts all the time, but sometimes my lazy side takes over and I'm not a Charles Dickens. (you've probably discovered that by now...) I can't wait for this summer, I plan on getting very very fit. I am doing cardio for the rest of this spring, with some weight lifting once a week, then this summer I am doing weight lifting with a dash of cardio, so that I stay toned. :) Hopefully by this fall, I will be a decent rider, and be able to pass my first pony club rating with flying colors. I don't want to barely make it, I want to over shoot it, out of the ball park. Anyways, there you have it! Peace out!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

My first show

Today was a day that I have been waiting for for a long time. I competed for the first time! It was only a green as grass show, but I did 2 classes, both a total of 4 phases. Dressage twice, Showjumping, and cross country/showjumping. It was amazing! Red was fantastic, and I could not be more proud of him. :) Even when a horse charged towards him after his rider fell and the saddle flipped completely underneath him, Red was totally unphased and the horse was eventually caught and the rider went back to the show, I don't know what she placed. I got two 4th place ribbons! :D Not to shabby for our first show, if I do say so myself. ;) 
Peace out! 


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

That's it

Tomorrow is a new day. I am going to be very productive, and I am not going to give in to the urge to get on the computer for hours at a time. If I am going to make it in this world, then I am going to have to crank up the drive to be successful. Big time. I'm going to bed early tonight, and I am not going to sleep in tomorrow. I will not eat tons of food tomorrow, I will eat 3 meals a day. I am done with this crap, I am done with not getting anything done. If I want to keep riding like this, then I have to pick myself up and pull my weight. If I don't, then I will not be able to ride 4 days a week, and that means no competing. I am making my to-do list tonight, and have been making them for the past few days so that I could get them done before I go to bed. So far it is working pretty well... I promise you that I will post tomorrow and tell you how productive I was. Goodnight. 


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Work day

Every Saturday, my family does all the outside chores. Today was tilling the garden, and tomorrow is planting the huge amount of plants that we buy every year. I hate spring for this very reason. I mean, I know it's way nicer weather and all, but seriously? Who wants to spend their days out in a garden? I'm sorry, but I just don't like having to go through the hassle of having a garden. Small ones, like raised beds are just fine for me, but anything bigger than that and I could easily spend my time elsewhere. 

Anyways, have you noticed the new font? I love it! It's much better than the old one, and I like it much better. I promise that I am going to try to post more, but my blogs aren't my main priority right now. 1-3 posts a week are the max that I can do, as I am very busy with life. But aren't we all? 

I think I will do some dressage today, because it's a little chilly outside. Maybe a hack around the pasture afterwards? I love to hack! I'm not a serious trail rider, I'm an eventer. Buta nice hack every once in a while, I've found, is wonderful for the horse, and also for you. I love it! 

Time to eat lunch and get ready to go riding, then spend the night at my grandma's house. :) 

Peace out!