Thursday, May 30, 2013


Tomorrow, I shall be attending one of the biggest yard sales in the country. It's 3 states long, and lasts 4-5 days, depending on the weather. This time 'round it's only lasting 4 days, one of the shorter terms. I really hate spending my money on anything (I'm a tightwad) but I guess just $10 tomorrow is okay... I probably won't even spend that, the only thing I buy at yard sales are things that I truly want/need. I will keep you all posted! :)

Jazzy's puppies are doing fantastic, and none have died yet. They are so cute! I'm not to big of a dog person, but I think these are cute. Not as cute as Mishka's pups from February-April, but these are pretty darn cute! :3 I'm looking to get $125 from this litter for my work! :D Yay! 


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