Monday, March 25, 2013

March in Indiana

Some of you may be enjoying 60 degree weather,or even 80 degrees or more. Well, guess what this little blogger is doing? Sitting inside, shivering, desperate for warmth. 28 degrees, nearly 2 feet of snow, and still coming down. Not cool. But, on the plus side, I went riding 3 days in a row! It felt so good to be back in the saddle, and we even went to a clinic (that just so happened to be at my dream farm) that was very interesting. Lots of 50k+ horses there. This weekend I am going to trailer somewhere and take a lesson, which I have never done before, so that will be an adventure in itself. I decided to keep my goat, Bella, at my friends house for the rest of her life. It will be so much easier, and I won't have to go outside in the negative degree weather and thaw out her water bucket.

It is a good time to get ahead in school, since I can't go outside at all. Thankfully, the puppies are inside, and now I'm getting paid $50 a week to clean up all their poop. (Hey, fifty bucks is fifty bucks. Nobody ever said that earning money was easy...) I've been working hard at my piano songs, and I recently found a youtube channel that provides all the songs that I am working on! It is so much easier to listen to them, then play them. 

I've been looking at investing in some show clothes, and just general schooling clothes. There aren't many polo's on the market that fit my needs, but I did find a few really cute ones.

I've gotta do school. :)

Peace out!


March in Indiana

Monday, March 4, 2013


I am so glad that I got to relax for a few hours tonight! Lately I have been busier than I have ever been in my life, and it was nice to have a few hours of computer time, music time, and reading time. Even there is still laundry and dishes, I just let them slip tonight. Tomorrow, I am going to work on making this blog a little more fun. Not so boring. Maybe I'll add some pics, and get a new theme? I don't know yet, but I do know that it needs to be updated some...

I went riding today, and I have been accomplishing a lot lately! Here are a few things that I can add to my list:

  • Handled my first buck 
  • Trotted a pair of doubles
  • Rode the monster bareback
I am so proud of myself! For some, that isn't a big list. But it is certainly an improvement for me. My April calender is jam packed with horsey events. Rolex, equine affair, Hoosier horse fair, etc. Hopefully, my trainer will let me catch a ride with her. If not, then I probably won't be going to any of those events.

Lately, I have been trying to eat healthier, and exercise more. Besides riding 5 days a week, every day I do 30 sit ups a day, walk/jog a mile or two (One on treadmill, and one and a half outside where it is SUPER hilly) and add on some serious house cleaning and a strict healthy diet, then I think I am good to go! I am a little tired from all of this work, but I have been sleeping deeper at night, and going to bed earlier so that I can get up a littler earlier in the morning to get things done before the rest of the family wakes up.

Sunday morning, I got certified as America's worst cook. Not that I mind, but I would like to be able to cook pancakes from scratch. My mom thinks I screwed up the batter, but who knows, and who cares. (I certainly don't...)

Peace out!


Friday, March 1, 2013


I am so cold right now. my parents won't turn on the heat in my room, but they will turn it on in their room? Uh uh. I don't play that game. At least I made time to watch a movie, taken to be exact. Excellent movie, if I do say so myself! I went to open gym today, and ran into my ex-karate teacher! I was so worried that my mom would sign me up for karate again, thank goodness she didn't. Surprisingly, I saw my BFF for the first time in at least a month. Sometimes I wonder if we are ever going to move back to the town we always seemed to belong in, Greenfield. My whole life is there, and I can't believe we haven't already moved there. We had so many chances when we were buying this house, but we lost all of those houses and expanded our search area to here... This location sucks.

Lately, I have been very inspired to write a book about my whole horse life, and have decided that I shall write a book about my first horse. (If and when I get it) I just keep thinking on where I am going to keep it at. As mentioned earlier, I found a dreamy stable, but it is 35 minutes away. *Sigh* I am going to forget about it and just try to put $2000 in the bank this year.

My warm bed is calling to me, so

peace out!