Tuesday, May 7, 2013

That's it

Tomorrow is a new day. I am going to be very productive, and I am not going to give in to the urge to get on the computer for hours at a time. If I am going to make it in this world, then I am going to have to crank up the drive to be successful. Big time. I'm going to bed early tonight, and I am not going to sleep in tomorrow. I will not eat tons of food tomorrow, I will eat 3 meals a day. I am done with this crap, I am done with not getting anything done. If I want to keep riding like this, then I have to pick myself up and pull my weight. If I don't, then I will not be able to ride 4 days a week, and that means no competing. I am making my to-do list tonight, and have been making them for the past few days so that I could get them done before I go to bed. So far it is working pretty well... I promise you that I will post tomorrow and tell you how productive I was. Goodnight. 


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