Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vacation time!

Time for a vacation! I have only been on 2 vacations in my life. One to California, and another to Tennessee. This time we are going to Tennessee and Florida! I have seen the ocean only once, and that is when I was 4 in California. So yeah I don't remember much... I will be sure to keep you all updated as I travel the east coast! We will be driving, so we can see all the scenery. Leaving Monday at 3am! Super excited. I get to see my boys ( RI horses ) today! They are not mine, but I treat them like they are... Hey, who doesn't? :) So anyways, I am going to leave you all with this short post of mine. If you want to follow me on tumblr, I am horsecrazygirlforever. My tumblr is updated and maybe a little better than this blog, because it is quicker to post on there, and I like to post long posts on here, and shortish posts on there. But I am OBSESSED with Blogger and tumblr! I mean, they are the way to escape from the real world for a little while, if you know what I mean. Well, I have to start school and take care of the dogs and goats. ( I am homeschooled so it only takes about 2-3 hours to do all of my school, so that means that I can start later. Hehe! )

Peace out my fellow bloggers!


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