Thursday, November 29, 2012

Strummin away!

Sorry it has been SO long since I posted! I have been super busy lately with riding, jiu-jitsu classes, writing my book, and most importantly, doing school, that computer has kind of zoned out. ( Not really. lol. ) Well, I have some news! While I was away, I learned to play guitar! My entire life I have always wanted to sing and play guitar, and now I have the chance to! I am teaching myself, with the help of this website.

I LOVE this guy! He is awesome! His videos are super simple, easy to understand, and thorough enough to do several a day! He teaches beginner to advanced, and it is totally free! That's right. I said free stuff. :) Please feel free to check him out if you are looking to play guitar anytime soon. My mom got a classical guitar for her anniversary last week, so I started playing it to. I am also starting to get back into piano, but no lessons thankfully. I am going to join a writers helping writers class at my local library. We all read over each others writing work and tell the person who wrote it if we would like to see any improvements, and share our thoughts on their story or whatever they are writing.

Peace out!


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