Saturday, September 8, 2012

Post #1

Hello everyone! I just created this blog, and I hope you enjoy it! Title says it all. This is about my awkward, crazy, beautiful, horsey life! I am OBSESSED with horses! And I am SO close to getting one. I have been riding for about a year now. The situation is.... Let's just say she's my best friend. Yeah! That fits. :) So anyways, I am trying to raise money like crazy by managing a vegetable stand on the side of the road, and holding bake sales like crazy! I need $3000 ideally, but $2000 if I'm really lucky will have to do. My mom wants to share the horse with me, but I want my OWN horse. But she agreed to pay for the hay, and for the fence, so I don't know, yet. Well let's see... I have two Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are about 4 years old. One is a wether ( Castarated male ) named Chester. He is the sweetest thing ever, and I just started his trick training. See, that's the thing about me. I trick train goats. That's where the Crazy part comes in. Then there's Bella. She is a doe ( Female ) and is just on earth because she has to be. If it were her choice, she rather not be alive at all. She isn't hateful, just has an annoyed with life look in her eyes, if you know what I mean. But she is the most intelligent goat I have ever met in my life. She cost a pretty penny to. Just goes to show that you don't need a $300 goat, just settle for a $75 wether, and you'll be just fine. But I LOVE them both to pieces, and they are my babies. I love to read, and I am actually writing a book. I have written several movies, and a few plays. I think writing is a way to escape from the world, and into your ideal life. I take Jeu Jitsu classes, but still a white belt. I am very interested in art, and take art classes with my friends. We are all best buds, and I also go to VBS. So I am really busy ALL the time! Not to mention, I breed dogs. Lots and lots of dogs. But not a puppy mill, no no no. They sell for quite a lot, and live in the best conditions possible. I also have two gerbils, a guinea pig and two beta fish. I used to have a llama and several chickens, but the chickens were to much hassle and the llama tried to eat my goat. All of them and the llama went to a very loving caring home. The chickens went to my best friends house, and the llama is now a stub at an elite breeding farm. Things always work out if you think them through. Yes, you can quote me on that. :) I don't think there is anything else that you should know, except that I watch heartland, and think it is the BEST show EVER! If you haven't seen it, then you have no idea what you are missing!

Peace out till I can't resist the urge to post again!


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