Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ice Ice baby!

Though not unusual for my state, an unexpected ice storm has hit us. It is terrible! Winds, sleeting hail and ice, and it goes on until 10am. It sucks to own animals in Indiana, because you have to constantly worry about them, waking up every morning and hoping that last nights storm didn't freeze or flood them. But I still like living in Indiana. I had a really nice ride today, and even cantered my trainer's 17h ISH. I also rode Red bareback for 25 minutes, and cantered him as well. (I love to ride bareback, and cantering bareback is even better!) I just really hope that I will be ready for the show season this summer. If not, I think my trainer is going to be dissapointed, and that is the last thing in the world that I want. 

I have adopted a really nice schedule, and I am loving it! School only lasts 3 and a half hours tops, practice piano for a little under 2 hours, and walk dogs for 2 hours each day. Oh, and speaking of walking dogs, my mom has decided to pay me $25 a week to walk four dogs for an hour each, every single day. I am so thrilled! And I am detailing the car for five bucks a week, so that totals to $120 each month, and add the money that I am getting from the puppy litters, whoa! A whopping $2100 this year! I am so happy right now! If I keep this up for another four years, then I will have my $5000 saved up, then I can buy my horse. But it all depends on what my riding status is then. I might not have my trainer for some unknown reason, or I might move closer to my trainer, and then I can ride everyday. It all depends on the riding status, and if my trainer thinks I am ready. I am in no rush at all! :) 

Peace out!


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