Monday, June 10, 2013

Rehab time

Yup, it happened. The unthinkable. Not many runners think about it on a daily basis, but it always haunts the back of their minds. The one, the only: Pulled muscle. Calf muscle to be exact, and it hurt. It's a grade 1 strain, not to bad, but it has held me back from running normally. I have been resting since Friday, only doing tons of house work, landscaping, and kayaking to make up for it. Some bike riding was thrown into the mix as well, but not enough to write home about. I went to the wise one (aka, internet) for advice on what to do in such a tragic event. "Rest. Don't do anything. Just rest." The very words were horrifying. "But there are so many things to do on the weekend!" I moaned and groaned in protest. So I spent my weekend in misery, longing to run as I propped my leg up on a fluffy pillow and spent my nights soaking in a tub of boiling water. But it wasn't helping. Back to the no-longer-wise-one I went, searching for hours. Then, I found it. "Walk it off! It'll be fine." I was ecstatic! Immediately, I peeled off my socks and walked 3 miles barefoot. Afterwards I felt pretty good, and only experienced small aches and pains in my lower calf. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be better, and I can take a stroll in the morning. *sigh* Oh summer break, how I love you so.


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