Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Casually casual

Riding style: Bareback 
Duration: 30 minutes 
Location: Indoor arena, pasture 
Weather: Slightly rainy, breeze, 77 degrees 
Horses rode: Red 

Anyone notice the new entry at the top of the post? It shows you what style I rode, how long I rode, where I rode, what the weather was like, and what horses I rode. Pretty neat huh? I thought so, I got it from another blog. :) Just letting you guys know! 

Hey folks! We had a pretty casual day today. Just did some bareback work, since I haven't in awhile and we had somewhere to go after my ride. I trotted for a while before cantering. Red's got some lead problems, but it's not entirely his fault. We're working on it every ride though, and he's getting better at it. :3 Today he did a lovely slow dressage canter, and his crazy standardbred trot. It's absolutely horrific to ride bareback, but I'm kind of used to it now... 
The post ride destination was the race track. It was my first time going behind the scenes of the races, and it is truly fabulous. I love going places where I feel welcome, surrounded by kind people and gorgeous horses. It's just awesome! I would like to get a job there someday, just because it is such a cool place and there is so much to learn and discover. Did I mention that the people there are super nice and the horses are drop dead gorgeous? ;) 

Well, in case you were wondering, the only reason I am up this late is because I am waiting for a stupid ebay auction. I'm selling my tablet to make money for a chromebook. This auction stuff sucks. I would really prefer to be reading a history book or sleeping right now, but I want to see how much this bad boy goes for. 

In my running life, here's what's going on: After my pulled calf muscle, I gave myself a 4 day medium rest. Then on Monday, I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to run. Right that very second, not any later than that. So out I went, barefoot and with my faithful running companion, Daisy the dog. I managed to log 3 miles, with some very light jogging thrown into the mix. Today I planned on doing 6 miles, but only got 3 miles in after an evening rain crashed my plans. Stupid rain. :( 

I've also decided to add this little game. It's called 'what's that song?'. (A Meghan original.) Here's how you play: I will post a line or two of lyrics from my a favorite song of mine, and you guys have to comment and guess which song it is. Whoever is right gets, well... They don't get anything. But I thought that it would be a cool little game we could play! Here we go. Enjoy! :) 

"But with the beast inside there's no where we can hide..." 

Three... Two... One... Guess away! 


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