Saturday, June 15, 2013

First pony club meeting

Riding style: Jumping 
Duration: 60 minutes 
Location: Outdoor arena, whole new stable 
Weather: 85 degrees, breezy, sunny 
Horses rode: Mr.Red 

Hey guys! Had a big day today. Drum roll please! *Dum dum dum dum* Me and Red's first pony club meeting! (Well, my second, Reds first.) We did a jumping lesson, and he did fabulous. Didn't knock a rail down, and even qualified for the next round - a jump off. I was a little hesitant about having to memorize two courses at once, the first course then the jump off. (me being me, I wrote the numbers of the jumps on my arms for the jump off) It was slightly confusing because the jumps weren't numbered at all, so we had to mentally number them. But everyone was very nice! I learned a lot, and cannot wait for my next one. Next stop: Cross country. :) 


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