Thursday, January 10, 2013

Animal sanctuary...

I now know what I want to do down the road, when I am really successful and have a bunch of money that I can rely on. I want to start an animal sanctuary, where anyone can drop any kind of unwanted animal, and I can try to rehome it. If it can't be rehomed, then it can stay at the sanctuary until the end of its days, or until it finds a home. It would be so awesome to go on rescue missions, and be able to rehabilitate all kinds of animals, but mostly small animals, horses, farm animals, dogs, and cats. (If I came across a zebra, I swear I would take it in a heartbeat)  It would have barns, pastures with shelter, and lots of paddocks with shelter. I would also have a few employees maybe, and some adoption events. I hope that this can happen!


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