Sunday, April 21, 2013

PIano & Car shopping

All day yesterday we went piano & car shopping. I found an $8000 used Steinway piano, which is a top of the line piano brand. But the price tag is a little over my parent's budget, so we'll see. As for the cars my mom wants a VW Station wagon or passat. We test drove one yesterday, and really liked it, but it was used and my dad doesn't like to buy used cars. The thing was a diesel, and ran like a spaceship! Fun car. Over the past 12 months we have gone through 5 cars (all brand new) my dad is like the car master, and we don't EVER lose money when purchasing a car. We went from honda odyssey to Ford -C-max, with a lot of minivan's in the middle! Anywho, I am entering Red in a horse show this May! :D And not to mention, it is an EVENTING show! Eek! I am so excited, but he's never jumped a cross country course outside, so we'll see how this goes... It's my sister's birthday today, so I have to go. 



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